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Suffering sub-health? It can help you to lose weight, to do more exercise.

Exercise frequently? It can help you to exercise more scientificly.

Fond of new technology? It can sync with various sports wearable devices.

You must have encoutered the following troubles:

--Want to have a more shining device, but have to abandon the old exercise data.

--Use different device from your friends's, unable to encourage or share with each other.

--Seek long, but have not found an App for teaming up your active friends online.

--Hate to exercise alone.

What Sports Group can do:

1.Compatible for various wristband and tracker sync, connectable with other app.

Able to sync activity data from couples of wristband and tracker.

Able to Read activity data from other app, such as fitbit, up, etc.

Sync automaticly from bound wristband, tracker or app, help you to get a complete picture of your daily totals.

2.Play with your friends

Make teams with your friends, compete together, share accomplishments, call an outing or a competition.

Activity details can only be read by your teammates.

-Team up with other active person, get more fun from your excercise.

Find a team that is best for you.

-Diversity of teams, open or private

-Open teams allow more people to join in freely.

-Search teams by location or hobby.

More than an app, it is also a smart tracker.

-The app record the trajectory path and completion of your target.

-Accurate track of steps, distance, splits and calories.

-Intelligent track of sleep details, analyses sleep quality.

Share your everyday accomplishments and milestones.

-Share via SNS, such as WeChat, sina microblog, etc.

-Diversity of details to share, such as amount of exercise, trajectory path, ranking, accomplishments, etc.