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Welcome to TrakNote.

Congratulations on making your decision to make walking and fitness as part of your everyday lifestyle.

With your Activity Tracker Device, you can quickly transfer your fitness and sleeping data to your mobile device, keeping track of all your activities during the day and monitoring your sleep pattern at night.

Set personal goals; monitors the steps taken, the distance walked and the calories burned.
Also, with the built-in Workout feature, it will keep tab of your activity in real time; showing you the data instantly.

The TrakNote also provides you an in-depth picture of your sleep pattern. The sleep graph lets you see the duration of your Deep sleep, Light sleep and the time duration you are awake.
Knowing your sleep pattern, you can make adjustments to improve the quality of your sleep.

TrakNote: The smarter way of keeping track of your fitness; motivating you to move more and sleep better.